Alan White

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Solo albums and collaborations

Ramshackled, 1976
White: White, 2006
Levin Torn White: Levin Torn White, 2011


Yessongs, 1973
Tales from Topographic Oceans, 1973/expanded and remastered, 2003
Relayer, 1974/expanded and remastered, 2003
Going for the One, 1977/expanded and remastered, 2003
Tormato, 1978/expanded and remastered, 2004
Drama, 1980/expanded and remastered, 2004
Yesshows, 1980
Classic Yes, 1981
90125, 1983/expanded and remastered, 2004
9012Live: The Solos, 1985
Big Generator, 1987
Union, 1991
YesYears, 1991
Yesstory, 1992
Highlights—The Very Best of Yes, 1993
Talk, 1994
Yes Active, 1994
Keys to Ascension, 1996
Keys to Ascension 2, 1997
Keys to Ascension Volume 1 & 2, 1997
Open Your Eyes, 1997
The Ladder, 1999
The Masterworks—Mix Your Own CD, 2000
House of Yes—Live from the House of Blues, 2000
Keystudio, 2001
Magnification, 2001
In a Word: Yes (1969-   ), 2002
Yes Remixes, 2003
The Ultimate Yes—35th Anniversary Collection, 2003/2004
The Word is Live, 2005
Fly from Here, 2011
In the Present – Live from Lyon, 2011
Heaven & Earth, 2014
Like It Is—Yes at the Bristol Hippodrome, 2014
Like It Is—Yes at the Mesa Arts Center, 2015

The Alan Price Set

A Price on His Head, 1967
The Amazing Alan Price (EP), 1967
This Price is Right, 1968
Simon Smith and His Dancing Bear (single)
The House That Jack Built (single)
Come and Dance with Me (single)
Shame (single)
Don't Stop the Carnival (single)
When I was a Cowboy (single)
Love Story (single)
Falling in Love Again (single)

John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band

John Lennon: Imagine, 1971
Yoko Ono: Fly, 1971
Live Peace in Toronto 1969- 1970, 1969
John Lennon: Imagine (single), 1999
Yoko Ono: Ono Box


EP, 2007 (download only)
CIRCA: 2007, 2007

Guest appearances/sessions

The Downbeats: My Bonnie (single)
The Blue Chips: I'm on the Right Side (single)
The Blue Chips: Some Kind of Loving (single)
The Blue Chips: Good Loving Never Hurts (single)
The Gamblers: Dr Goldfoot (and His Bikini Machine) (single), 1966?
Happy Magazine: Satisfied Street (single)
Happy Magazine: Who Belongs to You (single)
The Johnny Almond Music Machine: Patent Pending, 1969
Johnny Almond: Solar Machine (single), 1969
Doris Troy: Doris Troy, 1970
Doris Troy: Ain't That Cute (single)
Doris Troy: Jacob's Ladder (single)
Billy Preston: Encouraging Words, 1970
George Harrison: All Things Must Pass, 1971/All Things Must Pass [remastered], 2001
George Harrison: My Sweet Lord (single), 1971
George Harrison: What is Life (single)
Gary Wright: Extraction, 1971
Gary Wright: Get on the Right Road (single)
Denny Laine and Balls: Fight for My Country (single), 1971
Jesse Davis: Jesse Davis, 1971
Jesse Davis: Every Night is Saturday Night (single)
Jesse Davis: Washita Love Child (single)
Sky: Don't Hold Back, 1971
Sky: Goodie Two Shoes (single)
Brian Short: Anything for a Laugh, 1971
The Radha Krsna Temple (London), The Radha Krsna Temple, 1971
Bell and Arc: Bell and Arc, 1971
Bell and Arc: She Belongs to Me (single)
Gary Wright: Footprint, 1971
Gary Wright: Stand for Our Rights (single)
Gary Wright: Fascinating Things (single)
Gary Wright: I Know (single)
Joe Cocker: Something to Say [UK] / Joe Cocker [US]
Joe Cocker: Pardon Me Sir (single)
Stefan Grossman: Hot Dogs, 1972
Johnny Harris: All to Bring You Morning, 1973
Rick Wakeman: The Six Wives of Henry VIII, 1973
Donovan: Cosmic Wheels, 1973
Claire Hamill: October, 1973
Claire Hamill: 24 Hours from Tulsa (single)
Paul Kossoff: Back Street Crawler, 1973
Eddie Harris: E.H. in the U.K., 1974
Steve Howe: Beginnings, 1975
Rick Wakeman: Criminal Record, 1977
Steve Howe: The Steve Howe Album, 1979
Gary Wright: Headin' Home, 1979
Claire Hamill, Touchpaper, 1984
Claire Hamill: First Night in New York (single)
Wetton/Manzanera: Wetton/Manzanera (a.k.a.One World), 1987
Wetton/Manzanera: Keep on Loving Yourself (single)
Terry Reid: The Driver
Esquire: Esquire, 1987
Gary Wright: Who I Am, 1988
Trevor Rabin: Can't Look Away, 1989
Frederiksen/Phillips, 1995
Treason: Treason, 1997
Chris Squire & Billy Sherwood: Conspiracy, 2000
MerKaBa: MerKaBa
Alan Price Set: I Put a Spell on You
George Harrison: My Sweet Lord (single), 2002
Various artists: Pigs & Pyramids—An All Star Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd, 2002
Skip Bifferty: The Story of Skip Bifferty, 2003
Various artists: Back Against the Wall, 2005
Various artists: Return to the Dark Side of the Moon, 2006
Chris Squire's Swiss Choir, 2007
From Here to Infinity, 2007 (digital download only) / various artists: Rock Infinity, 2007 (digital download only)
Various artists: Led Box: The Ultimate Tribute to Led Zeppelin, 2008
Various artists: Abbey Road: A Tribute to The Beatles, 2009
Various artists: Action Moves People United, 2016


The Alan Price Set: The World of Alan Price
The Alan Price Set: Focus on Alan Price, 1979
The Alan Price Set: Profile, 1980
The Alan Price Set: The Best of Alan Price, 1984
Affirmative: The Yes Solo Family Album, 1993
Phil Manzanera: The Manzanera Collection, 1995
John Lennon: The John Lennon Collection
Rick Wakeman: Voyage—The Very Best of Rick Wakeman, 1996
John Wetton—Geoff Downes—Asia—UK Compilation CD, 1997
various artists: The Famous Charisma Box Set—The History of Charisma Records 1968-1985
various artists: The Charisma Poser
Eddie Harris: In the U.K./Is It In, 1999
Rick Wakeman: Recollections The Very Best of Rick Wakeman (1973-1979), 2000
John Wetton: Anthology, 2001
various artists: Legend of a Mind—The Underground Anthology, 2003
Produced by Trevor Horn, 2004
The Syn/White/Steve Howe: The More Drama Tour Special Limited Edition CD, 2005
Steve Howe: Anthology 2: Groups & Collaborations, 2017

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