Album: Led Box: The Ultimate Tribute to Led Zeppelin
Artist: various artists
2008 DeadLine Music (Cleopatra Records)
CD: CLP 2199

Eric Bloom: vocals (1)
Brian Robertson: guitars (1)
Tony Franklin: bass (1, 3, 5)
Doane Perry: drums (1, 3, 5)
Joe Lynn Turner: vocals (3)
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter: guitars (3)
Bob Kulick: 12-string electric guitar (3), guitars (5)
Artimus Pyle: drums (4, 7), percussion (4)
Jimmy Hall: harmonica (4, 7), vocals (7)
Larry Goad: drums (4)
Kurt Menk: guitar (4, 7), slide (7)
Thane Shearon: vocals (4)
Jack Russell: vocals (5)
Bruce Kulick: guitars (5)
Abe White: bass (7)
Ryan Bullington: open tuned slide (7)
Jim "Turbo" Kirby: organ (7), piano (7)
Manny Charlton: lead guitar (8)
Michael White: vocals (8, 10-13, 15-17)
Bily Sherwood: bass (8-17), guitar (8, 11-17)
Alan White: drums (8, 9, 14-17)
Rick Derringer: vocals (9), guitar (9)
Steve Lukather: guitar (10)
Vinnie Coliauta: drums (10-13)
Albert Lee: lead guitar (11)
Tony Kaye: keys (11, 17)
Dweezil Zappa: lead guitar (12)
Rick Wakeman: keys (13)
John Wetton: vocals (14)
Geoff Downes: keys (14)
Steve Morse: lead guitar (15)
Keith Emerson: keys (16)
Walter Trout: lead guitar
Paul Dianno: vocals (18)
Mikael Fässberg: guitar (18)
Andreas Grufstedt: bass (18)
Johan Helgesson: drums (18)
Staffan Österlind: guitar (18), keys (18), Theremin (18)

Performed by
Pat Travers (2, 6)
Taime Downe (19)
Jani Lane (20)
Joe Leste & John Corabi (21)
Marq Torien (22)
Kelly Hanson (23)
John Corabi (24)
The West 52nd Street Buddha Lounge Ensemble (25)

Produced and mixed by Bob Kulick & Brett Chassen (1, 3, 5), Larry Goad (4, 7), Billy Sherwood (8-17)
Produced by Staffan Österlind (18)
Mixed by Staffan Österlind/Anders Hahne/Dennis Johansson/Benny Persson (18), Fred Coury (19-23), DJ RAD (24)
Recorded by Staffan Österlind & Micko Twedberg (18); engineered by Dennis Johansson & Benny Persson (18)

Design by Brian Perry

Disc 1:
1. "Good Times, Bad Times" [J Bonham/JP Jones/J Page] (3:20)
2. "Houses of the Holy" [Page/R Plant] (4:36)
3. "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" [A Bredon/Page/Plant] (6:34)
4. "When the Levee Breaks" [Bonham/Jones/M Minnie/Page/Plant] (6:49)
5. "Dazed and Confused" [Page] (6:34)
6. "Whole Lotta Love" [Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant] (4:48)
7. "You Shook Me" [W Dixon/JB Lenoir]
8. "Immigrant Song" [Page/Plant]
9. "Ramble On" [Page/Plant] (4:38)
10. "Rock and Roll" [Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant] (3:45)
11. "D'yer Mak'er" [Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant]
12. "Stairway to Heaven" [Page/Plant]

Disc 2:
13. "Fool in the Rain" [Jones/Page/Plant]
14. "Dancing Days" [Page/Plant]
15. "Heartbreaker" [Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant]
16. Intro: "Fantasia" [Emerson]/"Black Dog" [Jones/Page/Plant]
17. "All My Love" [Jones/Plant]
18. "Kashmir" [Bonham/Page/Plant; arranged by Österlind] (7:41)
19. "Misty Mountain Hop" [Bonham/Page/Plant] (4:34)
20. "The Ocean" [Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant] (4:25)
21. "Houses of the Holy" [Page/Plant] (3:58)
22. "The Rover" [Page/Plant] (5:01)
23. "Dancing Days" [Page/Plant] (3:48)
24. "Nobody's Fault But Mine" [Page/Plant] (3:35)
25. "Stairway to Heaven" [Page/Plant] (7:09)

Notes: A European release was called The Ultimate Tribute to Led Zeppelin and released on Pepper Cake (distributed by ZYX Music), with a 2LP version also available. However, it had fewer tracks. European track list: disc 1—"Good Times, Bad Times", "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", "Dazed and Confused", "Immigrant Song", "Ramble On", "Rock and Roll", "D'yer Mak'er", "Stairway to Heaven"; disc 2—"Heartbreaker", "Dancing Days", "Black Dog", "All My Love", "Houses of the Holy", "When the Levee Breaks", "Whole Lotta Love", "You Shook Me", "Fool in the Rain". The additional tracks on the US release (disc 2, tracks 6-12) are from prior releases and do not involve Sherwood: 7 come from Cleopatra Records' 2006 release World's Greatest Metal Tribute to Led Zeppelin and the eighth is probably from The West 52nd Street Buddha Lounge Ensemble's album Buddha Lounge: Renditions Of Led Zeppelin. Bob Kulick, who has worked on several such tribute projects with and without Sherwood, produced the other new recordings. Michael White, the vocalist on most of Sherwood's tracks, sings in the Led Zeppelin tribute band The White.

This is another of Billy Sherwood's tribute albums. Personally, I find his tracks somewhat anaemic compared to Kulick's offerings, but the Keith Emerson version of "Black Dog" shines. (Henry Potts, 19 Oct 2008)

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