Album: Keys to Ascension Volumes 1 and 2 
Artist: Yes
1998 Castle Communications
CD: ESF CD 635
Band Members:
Jon Anderson - Vocals, Lyricist, Guitars and Harp 
Steve Howe - Guitars, Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
Alan White - Drums, Vocals
Produced by Yes & Billy Sherwood
"The 4 CD's enclosed encompass the entire set of the original line up's 
historic concert in San Luis Obispo, California, plus 7 studio tracks."
DISC 1 - Recorded Live In San Luis Obispo
 1. Siberian Khatru  10:16
 2. The Revealing Science Of God  20:32 
 3. America  10:28
 4. Onward  5:48
 5. Awaken  18:33
DISC 2 - Recorded Live In San Luis Obispo
 6. Roundabout  8:30
 7. Starship Trooper  13:05
- New Studio Tracks Recorded 1996
 8. Be The One  9:50
 9. That, That Is  19:14
DISC 3 - Recorded Live In San Luis Obispo 
10. I've Seen All Good People  7:16
    a) Your Move
    b) All Good People
11. Going For The One  4:58
12. Time And A Word  6:23
13. Close To The Edge  19:40
    a) The Solid Time Of Change
    b) Total Mass Retain
    c) I Get Up, I Get Down
    d) Seasons Of Man
14. Turn Of The Century  7:55
15. And You And I  10:84
    a) Cord Of Life
    b) Eclipse
    c) The Preacher The Teacher
    d) Apocalypse
DISC 4 - New Studio Tracks
16. Mind Drive  18:37
17. Foot Prints  9:09
18. Bring To The Power  7:25
19. Children Of The Light  6:02
    A) Lightning
    B) Children Of The Light
    C) Lifeline
20. Sign Language  3:29
Comments:  A beautiful package of both volumes of KEYS TO ASCENSION, this 
boxed set is -- almost -- the way it always should have been.  Two disappointments:
 (1) the material could have been re-ordered to fit three discs [two live and 
onestudio], and (2) there are numerous mistakes on the outer box.  The 
information above is as it appears on the packaging [with the exception that I changed 
the track numbers to continue sequentially through the discs]; note that "And 
You And I" actually clocks in at 10:48, track 18 should be "Bring Me To The 
Power," and track 19 erroneously adds "The" to the name, while the "Lightning" 
section does not appear on the disc, sadly.
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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