Album: In a Word: Yes (1969-   )
Artist: Yes
2002 Elektra/Rhino
CD boxset: R2 78186

Band members:
Jon Anderson: vocals (1-9, 11-32, 36-55)
Chris Squire: bass (1-9, 11-42, 46-55), vocals (1-9, 10-42, 45-55)
Peter Banks: guitars (1-8)
Bill Bruford: drums, percussion (1-9, 11-18, 20, 21, 43-45)
Tony Kaye: keys (1-9, 11-13, 36-42, 46-48)
Steve Howe: guitars, vocals (9-35, 43-45, 49-55)
Rick Wakeman: keys (14-21, 24-32, 43-45, 49)
Alan White: drums, percussion (19, 22-42, 46-55)
Patrick Moraz: keys (22, 23)
Trevor Horn: vocals (34, 35)
Geoff Downes: keys (34, 35)
Trevor Rabin: guitars, vocals (36-42, 46-48)
Billy Sherwood: guitars, keys, vocals (50-53)
Igor Khoroshev: keys (52, 53)

Additional personnel:
Colin Goldring: recorders (13a)
James Zavala: harmonica (41)
Tony Levin: bass (43-45), stick bass (43, 44), vocals (43, 44)
Matt Clifford: keys, programming, orchestration, vocals (43, 44)
Milton McDonald: rhythm guitar (43, 44)
Jimmy Haun: guitar (45)
Jim Crichton: keys (45)
Jonathon Elias: keys (45)
Alex Lasarenko: keys (45)
Richard Baker: synth (45)
Gary Barlough: synth (45)
Sherman Foote: synth (45)
Brian Foraker: synth (45)
Chris Fosdick: synth (45)
Rory Kaplam: synth (45)
Steve Porcaro: synth (45), additional keys (50)
Jerry Bennet: synth, percussion (45)
Allen Schwarzberg: percussion (45)
Mark Mancina: programming (46)
Randy Raine-Reusch: world instruments (52, 53)

Original recordings produced by Yes, Paul Clay, Tony Colton, Eddie Offord, Trevor Horn, Trevor Rabin, Paul DeVilliers, Chris Kimsey, Jon Anderson, Jonathon Elias, Billy Sherwood, Bruce Fairbairn & Tim Weidner
Compilation produced by Yes & David McLees, with additional archival research & mixing by Steve Howe
Sound produced by Bill Inglot
Remastering Dan Hersch & Bill Inglot

Cover by Roger Dean

1. Every Little Thing [John Lennon/Paul McCartney]
2. Sweetness [Anderson/Squire/Clive Bailey]
3. Survival [Anderson]
4. Then [Anderson]
5. Sweet Dreams [Anderson/David Foster]
6. Astral Traveller [Anderson/Squire]
7. Time and a Word [Anderson/David Foster]
8. Dear Father [Anderson/Squire]
9. Yours is No Disgrace [Anderson/Squire/Howe/Kaye/Bruford]
10. Clap [Howe]
11. Perpetual Change [Anderson/Squire]
12. Starship Trooper
    a. Life Seeker [Anderson]
    b. Disillusion [Squire]
    c. Würm [Howe]
13. I've Seen All Good People
    a. Your Move [Anderson]
    b. All Good People [Squire]

14. Roundabout [Anderson/Howe]
15. South Side of the Sky [Anderson/Squire]
16. Heart of the Sunrise [Anderson/Squire/Bruford]
17. America [Paul Simon]
18. Close to the Edge [Anderson/Howe]
    I. The Solid Time of Change
    II. Total Mass Retain
    III. I Get Up I Get Down
    IV. Seasons of Man
19. The Revealing Science of God [Anderson/Howe/Squire/Wakeman/White]

20. Siberian Khatru [Anderson; themes by Anderson/Howe/Wakeman]
21. Long Distance Runaround [Anderson]
22. The Gates of Delirium [Anderson/Howe/Moraz/Squire/White]
23. To be Over [Anderson/Howe/Moraz/Squire/White]
24. Going for the One [Anderson]
25. Turn of the Century [Anderson/Howe/White]
26. Wonderous Stories [Anderson]
27. Don't Kill the Whale [Anderson/Squire]
28. Release, Release [Anderson/White/Squire]
29. Arriving U.F.O. [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman
30. Richard [Anderson/Howe/Squire/Wakeman/White]

31. Tango [Anderson/Howe/Squire/Wakeman/White]
32. Never Done Before [Anderson/Howe/Squire/Wakeman/White]
33. Crossfire [Howe/Squire]
34. Machine Messiah [Downes/Horn/Howe/Squire/White]
35. Tempus Fugit [Downes/Horn/Howe/Squire/White]
36. Owner of a Lonely Heart [Rabin/Anderson/Squire/Horn]
37. It Can Happen [Squire/Anderson/Rabin]
38. Leave It [Squire/Rabin/Horn]
39. Hold On [Anderson/Squire/Rabin/White/Kaye]
40. Rhythm of Love [Kaye/Rabin/Anderson/Squire]
41. Love will Find a Way [Rabin]
42. Holy Lamb [Anderson]
43. Brother of Mine
    I. The Big Dream [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford]
    II. Nothing Can Come Between Us [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford]
    III. Long Lost Brother of Mine [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford/Downes]
44. Fist of Fire (Alternate Version) [Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford]
45. I Would have Waited Forever [Anderson/Howe/Elias]

46. Lift Me Up [Rabin/Squire]
47. The Calling [Rabin/Anderson/Squire]
48. I am Waiting [Rabin/Anderson]
49. Mind Drive [Anderson/Squire/White/Howe/Wakeman]
50. Open Your Eyes [Anderson/Howe/Sherwood/Squire/White]
51. Universal Garden [Anderson/Howe/Sherwood/Squire/White]
52. Homeworld [Anderson/Howe/Sherwood/Squire/White/Khoroshev]
53. The Messenger [Anderson/Howe/Sherwood/Squire/White/Khoroshev]
54. Last Train [Anderson/Howe/Squire/White]
55. In the Presence of [Anderson/Howe/Squire/White]
    I. Deeper
    II. Death of Ego
    III. True Beginner
    IV. Turn Around and Remember

Tony Cox: orchestral arrangements (4-8)
Trevor Rabin: string arrangements (40-42)
Orchestral music composed, arranged and conducted by Larry Groupé (55)

Notes: (*****) Five tracks are previously unreleased songs: "Richard" is an outtake from Tormato, while "Tango" and "Never Done Before" (known on bootlegs as "Flower Girl") were recorded in Paris in 1979 after Tormato. "Crossfire" (initially announced under the name "Backing Track #2") is an extract from a piece recorded later in 1979 at the Townhouse Studios, London in sessions prior to Drama. All four seem to be the same recordings as have been bootlegged, but edited: "Tango" and "Never Done Before" are substantially shorter, while "Richard" is slightly shorter (possibly with a re-edited ending). "Last Train" is an outtake from Magnification (sans orchestra).

Four tracks are unfamiliar variants of previously released material: "Clap" has a different spoken intro spliced in from another performance, but is musically identical to as on The Yes Album. "The Revealing Science of God" is the same as on Tales from Topographic Oceans, but with an extended intro, an extra 1:38 of music. "Fist of Fire" is a previously unreleased version of the piece on ABWH. The version of "I Would have Waited Forever" used comes from Arista's Feb 1991 promo release of Union (included on the bootleg The Perfect Union) and is a different mix and slightly longer (about 30 sec extra at the end) to how the piece appears on the regular release of Union.

All the tracks are remastered and, generally, better so than the Atlantic remasters.

The set includes an 80-page booklet by Chris Welch (author of "Close to the Edge—The Story of Yes"), with an essay from Bill Martin (author of "Music of Yes—Structure and Vision in Progressive Rock"), tribute quotes and photos from the band's personal archives. Many copies of the box set had a defect on "In the Presence of"; Rhino made replacement discs available.

There was also a shorter promo release to support In a Word. This was the first Rhino release for Yes and was followed by their series of remastered and expanded re-releases. (HP, 9 Mar 03)

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