Album: Yes, Friends and Relatives
Artist: various
1998 Purple Pyramid
CD: CLP 0337-2

Performed by
Jon Anderson (1, 12, 15, 17)
Rick Wakeman (2, 6, 9, 18)
Steve Howe (3, 7, 13, 16)
Esquire (4, 14)
Bill Bruford's Earthworks (5)
Wakeman With Wakeman (8, 11)
Yes (10, 19)

Compiled by Brian Adams
Cover by Roger Dean

1. Owner of a Lonely Heart [98 Remake] (Anderson/Rabin/Squire/Horn) 3.31
2. Ice (Wakeman) 4.50
3. Red and White (Howe) 3.33
4. Zone of O (Nikki Squire/McLaren) 5.19
5. Up North (Bruford/Bates/Bellamy) 5.22
6. The Pyramids of Egypt (Wakeman) 7.06
7. Roundabout (Anderson/Howe) 2.29
8. Sync or Swim (Wakeman) 6.05
9. Arthur (Wakeman) 12.57
10. Close to the Edge (Anderson/Howe) 19.40
    a) The Solid Time of Change
    b) Total Mass Retain
    c) I Get Up, I Get Down
    d) Seasons of Man

11. No Expense Spared (Wakeman/Wakeman) 5.30
12. Say (Anderson/Jocky) 3.47
13. Walk Don't Run (Smith) 3.01
14. Tron Thomi (Nikki Squire/McLaren) 7.52
15. 10 Million (Anderson/Jocky) 3.39
16. Excerpts from Tales from Topographic Oceans (Anderson/Howe/Squire/Wakeman/White) 9.08
    a) The Revealing Science of God : Dance of the Dawn
    b) The Remembering : High the Memory
    c) The Ancient : Giants Under the Sun
    d) Ritual
17. The More You Know (Anderson/Jocky) 3.44
18. Journey (Wakeman) 21.26
19. America (Simon) 10.37

Notes: Although not truly a Yes album, the comma in the title following the word "Yes" is easily missed (this was certainly by design). This collection was assembled by Brian Adams, who had been Rick Wakeman's manager during much of the eighties; hence the large proportion of Wakeman tracks. Adam Wakeman's band, Jeronimo Road, reportedly provided instrumentation on Anderson's new version of "Owner of a Lonely Heart", which is the only piece not available on another release. (15) is only otherwise available as the bonus track on the Japanese release of The More You Know. (12) and (17) are also from that album. (3), an early version of what became "Birthright" on Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, is from Steve Howe's Homebrew, while (13) is from Quantum Guitars and (16) from Not Necessarily Acoustic.

"Close to the Edge" is from Keys to Ascension 2, while "America" is from Keys to Ascension. "Arthur" and "Journey" are more recently released live versions and not from their respective original albums. Esquire is led by Chris Squire's ex-wife, Nikki: "Zone of O" and "Tron Thomi" are from the band's second album, Coming Home, which did not have any involvement by members of Yes.

Although not credited, (1), the "Owner of a Lonely Heart" re-make, was produced by Terry Adams (Brian's son) and had Adam Wakeman (Rick's son) on keys and Fraser T-Smith on guitar. (Ray Riethmeier/HP, 11 Apr 06)

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