Symphonic Music Of Yes

Album: Symphonic Music Of Yes
Artist: The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Steve Howe, Bill Bruford, and Jon Anderson
1993 RCA Victor

Band Members:
The London Philharmonic Orchestra (1-4, 6, 8-10)
The English Chamber Orchestra (5, 7)
The London Community Gospel Choir (4, 7)
Steve Howe- guitar, vocals
Bill Bruford- drums (1-4, 6-10)
Jon Anderson- vocals (1, 4)
Tim Harries- bass (1-4, 6-10)
Julian Colbeck- hammond organ (1)
David Palmer- synthesisizer, piano, hammond organ (1-3, 6-10)

1.  Roundabout  06:10
2.  Close To The Edge  07:39
3.  Wonderous Stories  03:53
4.  I've Seen All Good People  03:50
5.  Mood For A Day  03:01
6.  Owner Of A Lonely Heart  04:43
7.  Survival  04:17
8.  Heart Of The Sunrise  07:49
9.  Soon  06:16
10.  Starship Trooper  07:16

Comments: A few nice arrangements but a lot of cheesy sounding 
songs too. The version of "Mood For A Day" is probably the best
version of that song ever. However, Steve Howe had his revenge
on Trevor Rabin with an awful performance on "Owner Of A Lonely
Heart" (maybe he wanted to get back at him for those mutilated
versions of "Yours Is No Disgrace" Trevor played in concert all
those years). A great concept, but it falls short on execution. (**)

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