Album: Almost Live In Europe
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1995 Griffin
CD: GCD-282-2

Band Members:
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Davy Paton- bass and guitars
Tony Fernandez- drums and percussion
Ashley Holt- vocals and percussion

Written and Produced by Rick Wakeman

1. Elizabethan Rock
   Make Me A Woman
2. Catherine Of Aragon
   a. Crying Heart
   Jane Seymour
   a. Crying Heart (part two)
   Catherine Howard
3. The Realisation
   The Prisoner
4. King Arthur
   Lancelot And The Black Knight
   The Last Battle

Comments: This album is surprosingly not bad, (except for Mr. Holt,
how long has Wakeman been keeping this guy around?) These
renditions are surely better than the same songs on Greatest Hits.
I just wonder how many times more Rick will play these same
songs over and over and rerelease. An album of new material might
have been better. Still, some of the arrangements are interesting
if unoriginal. (***)

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