Album: The Geneva Tapes
Artist: David Kubinec's Mainhorse Airlines
2007: ORK Records, marketed and distributed by Cherry Red Records Ltd.

Band members:
David Kubinec: lead vocals
Patrick Moraz: keys
Jean Ristori: bass, cello
Bryson Graham: drums
Auguste De Antoni: guitar

Produced and Arranged by David Kubinec's Mainhorse Airlines
Recorded 1969-70
Sound remastering: Graham Bonnett
Artwork/design: Adam Yeldham/Raven Design
Release coordinated by Mark Stratford & Nicholas John

1. Overture and Beginners [Kubinec/Moraz] (3:36)
2. Blunt Needles [Kubinec/Moraz] (6:28)
3. The Passing Years [Kubinec/Moraz] (3:28)
4. Make It the Way You Are [Kubinec] (5:01)
5. Pale Sky [Kubinec/Ristori] (6:54)
6. What the Government Can Do for You [Kubinec/Moraz] (4:26)
7. The Daybreak of Eternity [Kubinec] (4:11)
8. Directions for Use [Kubinec/Moraz] (4:18)
9. A Very Small Child [Kubinec] (4:29)
10. God Can Fix Anything [Kubinec/Moraz] (11:27)

Notes: For many years, we've known Patrick Moraz's debut recorded appearance as the 1971 Mainhorse release. However, there was a pre-history to Mainhorse and this archival release is it. The band formed in London in summer 1969 with Moraz, his friend bassist/cellist Jean Ristori, singer/songwriter David "Kubie" Kubinec (from World of Oz) and drummer Bryson Graham. The band moved to Switzerland and were joined by guitarist Auguste De Antoni and drummer Arnold Ott, both formerly of The Patrick Moraz Quartet. Moraz chose the name Integral Aim for the new group. However, Ott left after three months to get married. Kubinec then suggested the name change to Mainhorse Airlines.

The new band secured financial backing from investor Sam Miesegaes, who also invested in Supertramp, and Supertramp would open for Mainhorse Airlines at live shows. Mainhorse Airlines also opened for acts including Free and Humble Pie. This release captures the band's studio sessions in the period. However, Kubinec had a heart attack at Miesegaes' villa in 1970 and subsequently returned to England. De Antoni decided to leave and guitarist/singer Peter Lockett, a friend of Graham's, was brought in to replace both Kubinec and De Antoni.

The new Mainhorse went on to release their eponymous 1971 album, and Moraz and Ristori have continued to work together. Kubinec teamed up with Graham again in David Kubinec's Excess in 1978, but had biggest success in native Yugoslavia in the rock band Stijene in 1979/80.

The music here frequently belies its 1960s origins, but it's performed with passion. (3) and (5) made it to the Mainhorse debut album. (9) was re-used by Kubinec on the debut album by The Rats (1973). (Henry Potts, 14 May 2011)

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