Album: Tapestries
Artist: Rick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman
1996 President
Band Members:
Rick Wakeman - Acoustic piano and keyboards 
Adam Wakeman - Acoustic piano and keyboards
Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith - Acoustic and classical guitar 
Phil Laughlin - Bass
Stuart Sawney - Percussion programming
Produced by Rick & Adam Wakeman
Engineered and mixed by Stuart Sawney
Composition and performance of these fourteen tracks are shared equally 
between father and son.
 1. Fremiet's Cat (R.Wakeman) 4:07
 2. Time Will Tell (A.Wakeman) 4:24
 3. Fountains Of Love (R.Wakeman) 4:20
 4. A View From The Window (A.Wakeman) 4:54
 5. Les Vendanges (R.Wakeman) 5:13
 6. Summer's End (A.Wakeman) 3:26
 7. Clair De Lune (C.Debussy arr. R.Wakeman) 2:50 
 8. A Brighter Dawn (A.Wakeman) 4:10
 9. The "Blue Lily" (R.Wakeman) 4:23
10. Tapestries (A.Wakeman) 3:43
11. The Garden Party (R.Wakeman) 3:51
12. Portraits In A Gallery (A.Wakeman) 4:42 
13. The Daydream (R.Wakeman) 4:11
14. The Storyteller (A.Wakeman) 4:26
Comments: Sequel to ROMANCE OF THE VICTORIAN AGE, this is another lovely 
album of piano pieces by two incredibly talented musicians.  Not quite as 
satisfying  as the first such collaboration, but still a delightful 
diversion.  (**1/2)
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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