Album: Return To The Centre Of The Earth
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1999 EMI
CD: 7243 5 56763 2 0

Band Members:
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith- guitars
Phil Williams- bass
Simon Hanson- drims
English Chamber Choir- conducted by Guy Protheroe
London Symphony Orchestra- condicted by David Snell
Patrick Stewart- narration

Additional Musicians:
Justin Hayward- vocals on 16
Trevor Rabin- vocals & guitar on 12
Ozzy Osbourne- vocals on 4
Bonnie Tyler- vocals on 6
Katrina Leskanich- vocals on 18
Tony Mitchell- vocals on 10

Produced by Rick Wakeman
Execute Producer: Frank Rodgers
Music composed, orchestrated and performed by Rick Wakeman
Story written by Rick Wakeman, inspired by Jules Verne

01.  A Vision  02:33
02.  The Return Overture  02:39
03.  Mother Earth  03:48
04.  Buried Alive  06:00
05.  The Enigma  01:18
06.  Is Anybody There?  06:34
07.  The Ravine  00:49
08.  The Dance Of A Thousand Lights  05:40
09.  The Shepherd  02:00
10.  Mr. Slow  03:47
11.  Bridge Of Time  01:11
12.  Never Is A Long, Long Time  05:19
13.  Tales From The Lidenbrook Sea  02:57
14.  The Kill  05:23
15.  Timeless History  01:10
16.  Still Waters Run Deep  05:20
17.  Time Within Time  02:39
18.  Ride Of Your Life  06:01
19.  Floating  01:59
20.  Floodflames  01:59
21.  The Volcano  02:10
22.  The End Of The Return  05:23

The name, the popular conception of Wakeman, all implies a dinosaur album that is long-winded, highly unfashionable, a vaguely mystical or sci-fi prog-rock epic -- an album to reflect an attitude to music that Wakeman has *defended* as being pretentious and bombastic. And people would have bought it, as there's enough of a market for just that sort of thing. Yet what does Wakeman do? He sells out and makes an album much closer to the mainstream, an album dominated by AOR songs (with a bit of bombast on the side). _Return to the Centre of the Earth_ should have been like _Journey to the Centre of the Earth_ and it wasn't. And it wasn't in a rather boring '80s manner.

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