Album: Jabberwocky
Artist: Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman
1999 Verglas Music

Clive Nolan: keyboards
Oliver Wakeman: keyboards
Bob Catley: vocals (as the Boy)
Tracy Hitchings: vocals (as the Girl)
James Plumridge: vocals (as the Jabberwock)
Paul Allison: vocals (as the Tree)
Pete Gee: fretless bass
Ian Salmon: guitar, bass
Peter Banks: guitars
Jon Jeary: acoustic guitar
Tony Fernandez: drums
Rick Wakeman: narration

The choir: Michelle Young, Michelle Gulrajani, Suzanne Chenery, Tracy Hitchings, Sian Roberts, John Jowitt, Dave Wagstaffe, Donald Morrison, Ian Gould, John Mitchell, Tina Riley, Clive Nolan

Produced & engineered by Clive Nolan/Karl Groom
Mixed by Groom
Mastered by Nick Webb
Design & layout by Matt Goodluck
Artwork by Rodney Matthews

1. Overture (5:57)
2. Coming to Town (2:55)
3. Dangerous World (6:54)
4. The Forest (4:22)
5. A Glimmer of Light (2:42)
6. Shadows (4:19)
7. Enlightenment (5:23)
8. Dancing Water (4:12)
9. The Burgundy Rose (3:55)
10. The Mission (4:32)
11. Call to Arms (6:37)
12. Finale (1:50)

All music & lyrics by Nolan/O. Wakeman
Concept based upon the original poem by Lewis Carroll

Notes: This first concept album from the pairing of Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman also included dad Rick Wakeman providing some very good narration (the only time Rick and Oliver have been on a record together), and a guest appearance by Pete Banks on some of the album. (HP, 10 Jan 10)
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