Album: Human Being
Artist: Seal
1998 Warner Bros. Records, Inc./WEA International Inc.
CD: 9 46828-2

Seal: vocals, guitar, bass
Earl Harvin: drums, bass, guitars
Chris Bruce: guitars, bass
Jamie Muhoberac: keyboards, bass

additional keyboards: Dave Palmer, Grant Mitchell, David Sancious, Mike Garson, George de Angelis, Lise Coleman
additional guitars: Gregg Arreguin, Chester Kaymen, Gus Isadore, Wendy Melvoin, Ramon Stagnaro, Danny Saber
percussion: Alex Acuna, Andy Duncan
programming: Mitchell, Muhoberac, Andy Richards, Dave McCracken, Danny Saber, William Orbit

string arrangements by Anne Dudley, Wil Malone, Aaron Zigman, Nick Ingman

Produced by Trevor Horn
Mixed by Stephen Fitzmaurice & Tim Weidner, except (7) by Fitzmaurice, Weidner & Richard Lowe
Recorded by Fitzmaurice & Weidner, assisted by Michael Perfitt
Additional engineering: Perfitt, Tom Elmhirst, Lowe, Mike Ross, Steve Orchard, Gregg Jackman
Assistant engineers: Alex Black, Andre Coulam, Andy Davies, Marc Lane, Iain Roberton, Dan Vickers, Tim Wills, Paul Silviera, Billy Gibson, Barry Goldberg, Rob Brill, Tony Flores, Stuart Brawley, Gordon Fordyce, Luis Quine

1. Human Beings [Seal] (4:34)
2. State of Grace [Seal/Bruce] (4:59)
3. Latest Craze [Seal/Harvin] (4:27)
4. Just Like You Said [Seal/Bruce] (4:15)
5. Princess [Seal] (1:57)
6. Lost My Faith [Seal/Reggie Hamilton] (4:35)
7. Excerpt from [Seal] (3:02)
8. When a Man is Wrong [Seal] (4:18)
9. Colour [Seal] (5:21)
10. Still Love Remains [Seal] (5:55)
11. No Easy Way [Seal] (4:48)
12. Human Beings Reprise (3:21)

Notes: Human Being, as many a Trevor Horn production, was a slow album to make. At one point, Seal and Horn fell out (getting into a fist fight in the process) and it was announced that Horn was off the project and Seal would be taking over production. However, they subsequently made up and Horn returned. Note also Magnification producer Tim Weidner mixing, YesSymphonic tour manager Paul Silviera as an assistant engineer and Jon Anderson live keyboardist David Sancious. (HP, 10 Mar 02)

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