Album: Great Dirty World
Artist: Gowan
1987 CBS
CD USA: 61948-2

Gowan - vocals, piano, keys
Gene Black - guitar
J. Peter Robinson - keyboards, bass synth
Rob Brill - drums, percussion
Tony Levin - bass guitar
Will Lee - bass guitar
Terry Gowan - stick
Nigel Olsson - drums
Brandon Fields - sax
Deborah Silver - backing vocals
Kaz Silver-Lee - backing vocals
The San Fernando Valley Mens Choir and Choral Singers 
                    arranged & conducted by Bob Ezrin

Jon Anderson- special guest vocalist (1)
Produced by David Tickle

 1. Moonlight Desires 4:11
 2. Awake The Giant 4:14
 3. Living In The Golden Age 5:39
 4. Dedication 4:49
 5. Human Drama 4:45
 6. Forever One 4:14
 7. One Brief Shining Moment 4:42
 8. 60 Second Nightmare 4:27
 9. Great Dirty World 4:47

Typically rock/pop songs. Moonlight Desires in the mood of 
Moonlight Shadow by Oldfield. 
Believe me, Anderson's vocal gives to 
the Moonlight Desires wings & charm, 
makes it an adventure, a fairytale,
that loves everyone who listens to it at least once.
Dedication (4) also beautiful.
submitted by Marek Wierzbicki

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