Fundamental Frolics LP cover

Album: Fundamental Frolics
Artist: various artists
Nov 1981 BBC Records
LP: REB 435

Side A
1. Alexei Sayle: Introduction
2. Griff Rhys Jones: In The Beginning
3. Ian Dury & the Blockheads: Clever Trever
4. Rik Mayall & Ade Edmonson: 20th Century Coyote
5. Alan Price: Trimdon Grange Explosion
6. Rowan Atkinson, Griff Rhys Jones, Mel Smith & Pamela Stephenson: Abu Ben Achdem
7. Nico Ramsden & SFX Band: Too Loose Too Soon
8. Griff Rhys Jones: Insulting the Audience

Side B:
9. Neil Innes & SFX Band: Crystal Balls
10. Pamela Stephenson & Griff Rhys Jones: The Shelia Tanner Award
11. Chas & Dave: The Sideboard Song
12. Rowan Atkinson: Schoolmaster
13. Elvis Costello: Psycho Song
14. "Ladies and Gentlemen - Mr. Chris Langhat"
15. Jon Anderson & SFX Band: I Hear You Now

Notes: I have a vinyl album called Fundamental Frolics, which was recorded live at The Apollo Theatre, London, 1 Jun 81. It was a charity show in aid of Mencap, televised at the time, and has various comedy and music acts on it. One track is Jon Anderson singing "I Hear You Now" with the SFX band. It's a terrific version—it starts out true to the original, albeit with guitar band instrumentation, but then picks up at the end with a very upbeat jazzy kind of style. (Andy Sutton, 27 Apr 01)

SFX had 2 singles in the early 1980s, "Rockin' With My Radio" and "Aim To Win", both on the Lamborghini record label. SFX featured Samantha Fox on lead vocals and Zac Starr (Ringo Star's son) on drums. (Both singles were re-released in the mid-eighties as Samantha Fox releases, on Genie records, after her solo album "Touch Me" went gold.) (Angela Piland, 15 Apr 06)

(Further details added by HP, 8 Oct 2005—track list requires checking)

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