Album: For You
Artist: Jack Russell
2002 Ulftone Music (licensed from Knight Records)
CD: UTCD 059

Band members:
Jack Russell: lead vocals
Bob Kulick: guitars
Tony Levin: bass (1-3, 5-9, 11)
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums
Michael Sherwood: keyboards
Billy Sherwood: backing vocals, bass (4, 10)

Produced by Billy Sherwood and Bob Kulick
Recorded and mixed by Billy Sherwood at 4Tunes Room, Van Nuys, CA
Mastered by Kris Solem
Artwork by Erie Loch

1. Any Kinda Love (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 3:44
2. What Ever It Takes (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 3:55
3. Always (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 3:48
4. Don't Know Why (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 3:53
5. For You (mus: Swanyce; lyr: Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 4:44
6. The Best is Yet to Come (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 4:50
7. Where the Wind Don't Blow (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 4:32
8. Paradise (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 3:51
9. No Time Left (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 4:43
10. If Not for Love (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 4:30
11. My Everything (Russell/Kulick/B. Sherwood) 3:45

String arrangements by Michael Sherwood (1-4, 6-11), Swanyce (5)

Notes: Billy Sherwood's first major writing project after leaving Yes and one of a number of collaborations with Bob Kulick, For You was the debut solo album from Jack Russell, formerly of Great White. Sherwood's compositional style and backing vocals are apparent at times, but mostly this is just some pretty good mainstream pop. (HP, 3 Nov 02)

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