Album: Culture of Ascent
Artist: Glass Hammer
2007 Arion Records (Sound Resources)
CD: SR1825

Band members:
Steve Babb: bass, pipe organ, Taurus pedals, the Free Note, percussion, Mellotron, piano, harp, loops & programming, Mini-Moog, backing vocals
Fred Schendel: keys, piano, organs, electric piano, Mellotron, additional synths, loops & programming, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Susie Bogdanowicz: lead & backing vocals
Carl Groves: lead & backing vocals
David Wallimann: guitars
Matt Mendians: drums
The Adonia String Trio:
Rebecca James: violin
Susan Whitacre: viola
Rachel Beckham: cello

Jon Anderson: vocalisations (1, 3)
Eric Parker: acoustic guitar (3)
Robert Streets: backing vocals, 'Eden' solo on (5)
Sarah Snyder: backing vocals (5)
Haley McGuire: backing vocals (2, 5)

Produced by Babb/Schendel
Co-produced by Streets
Recorded in Tennessee
Mastered by Bob Katz

Cover art: Michael Karcz/Lars Sundström
Logos by Roger Dean
Photos: Thijs Boot, Julie Babb, Josh Oakes, Bart Lindstrom, Brian Tirpak
Administration by J Babb

1. South Side of the Sky [Anderson/Squire] (9:24)
2. Sun Song [Babb] (9:33)
3. Life by Light [Babb] (7:29)
4. Ember Without Name [music: Schendel; lyrics & vocal melody: Groves] (16:33)
5. Into Thin Air [music: Babb/Schendel; lyrics: Babb] (19:14)
6. Rest [music: Schendel; lyrics & vocal melody: Groves] (6:33)

string arrangements by Schendel

Notes: This was Glass Hammer's last album before recruiting future Yes vocalist Jon Davison and, ironically, it features a guest appearance by Jon Anderson plus a Yes cover (1). Note Roger Dean also did their logos. Not that Anderson's input is very significant: vocalisations means he's not singing any lyrics, just some worldess backing vocals. (HP, 8 Jul 12)
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