Single: It Could be Magic 1993
Artist: Barry Manilow
1993 Arista Records, Inc.
CD: 74321 17488 2

Barry Manilow: vocals
Jamie Muhoberac: keys, strings
George DeAngelis: keys, strings
Anne Dudley: piano, French horn
Tim Pierce: guitar
Chester Kamen: guitar
Paulinho da Costa: percussion

Produced by Trevor Horn
Based on the original production by Barry Manilow/Ron Dante
Engineered and mixed by Gregg Jackman
Additional engineering by Tim Weidner, Steve MacMillan, Roger Dudley
(2) remixed by George DeAngelis

Design: Jigsaw

1. Could It be Magic 1993 (4:59)
2. Could It be Magic (12" '93 Remix) [Manilow/Adrienne Anderson] (7:29)
3. Could It be Magic (Instrumental) [Manilow/Adrienne Anderson] (4:56)

Written by Barry Manilow/Adrienne Anderson, inspired by "Prelude in C Minor" by Chopin

Notes: "Could It be Magic" was originally on Barry Manilow 1973 debut album, being released as a US single in 1975. Donna Summer later covered the song in 1976, while Take That had a UK hit with it in 1992. It was presumably the latter that inspired this new recording. The song is based on Frédéric Chopin's "Prelude in C Minor", Opus 28, Number 20.

Numerous regular Trevor Horn collaborators appear (Weidner, Dudley, Dudley, Jackman, MacMillan, Muhoberac, Pierce, da Costa). (HP, 2 Jun 06)

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