Promo: Cathedral of Love
Artist: The Syn
2005 Umbrello Records PLC, distributed in the UK and Ireland by Nova via Pinnacle

Band members:
See Original Syn and Syndestructible

1. Cathedral of Love (Single Version) [Nardelli] (5:30)
2. Fourteen Hour Technicolor Dream [Nardelli/Jackman] (2:54)
3. Grounded [Nardelli] (2.22)

Notes: This is the first release by the 2005 Syn line-up with Chris Squire back in the band. This single is due out on 17 Oct in the UK.

"Cathedral of Love" is the lead track on the album Syndestructible, where it exists in a 9-minute form. (2) and (3) are singles from the late 1960s, as re-released on the archival compilation Original Syn.

The cover is by Mark Bown, keyboardist Gerard Johnson's collaborator in band Funky Monkey. (HP, 24 Sep 05; thanks to Umbrello Records for the single)

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