Rick Wakeman- 1984

Album: 1984
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1981 (1994) Griffin re-release

Band Members:
Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Steve Barnacle: bass
Tim Stone: guitar
Tony Fernandez: drums
Gary Barnacle: sax
Frank Ricotti: drums

Additional Musicians:
Orchestra: Violins: J. Rothstein, D. Katz, D. Bradles, T. Good, L. Clay, 
A. McGee, B. Dukov; Violas: M. Cookson, G. Robertson, D. Newlands,
L. Andrade; Cellos: A. Daziel, P. Willison, B. Truman, M. Robinson; Bass:
D. Runswick, R. McGee, Flutes: J. Gergory, D. Sandeman; Oboes: 
J. Whiting, D. Theodore; Clarinets: K. Puddy, T. Weinberg; Bassoons:
G. Scheen, H. Hammond; Tuba: J. Jenkins; Trumpets: J. Miller, J. Wallis;
Trombones: Hardie, Wilson; Singers: Vickie Brown, Sonia James,
Stevie Lange, Dirtettes

Chaka Khan: vocals (1c, 2, 5)
Jon Anderson: vocals (3)
Kenny Lynch: vocals (5)
Steve Harley: vocals (6)
Tim Rice: vocals (9)

Music by Rick Wakeman
Lyrics by Tim Rice

1.  Overture  10:57
     a. Part One
     b. Part Two
     c. War Games
2.  Julia  04:45
3.  The Hymn  03:13
4.  The Room (Brainwash) 04:16
     a. Part One
     b. Part Two
5.  Robot Man  03:55
6.  Sorry  03:06
7.  No Name  03:18
8.  Forgotten Memories  02:57
9.  The Proles  03:32
10.  1984  06:28

Comments: (*)
Not even Jon Anderson can save this one! Another 
concept album from Rick, this one doesn't go anywhere. The songs
don't remind me of the book. One is forced to wonder about the
lead vocals. It's hard to believe Chaka Kahn ever had a hit. Even
Jon's song is bad! MP

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